A lake surrounded by blue flowers and skyscrapers.

When you’re looking for a place to unwind amidst nature, Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam should be at the top of your list.

Nestled within Town Centre Park, this man-made lake has a fascinating history and offers an array of recreational activities that cater to everyone’s interests.

A day spent here guarantees not only fun-filled adventure but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

But it’s not just about what you can do around here; it’s also about what you’ll find.

The area surrounding Lafarge Lake is teeming with diverse wildlife that adds charm to this popular spot.

And if that doesn’t entice you enough, wait until you hear about their annual community events!

These gatherings are filled with so much excitement that they’ve become Coquitlam traditions in their own right.

So buckle up as we take a virtual tour of Lafarge Lake and everything it has to offer!

It’s fascinating to delve into the rich history of Lafarge Lake, a spot that’s not just a beautiful sight, but also a testament to Coquitlam’s transformation over the years.
What you might not know is that this lake wasn’t always here. In fact, it was initially an excavation site for the Lafarge Cement Company back in the 1970s. However, natural springs filled up the mined-out pit and created what we now know as Lafarge Lake.
It’s intriguing how a place once associated with industry has morphed into an urban oasis.

Over time, community interest grew and efforts were made to develop this area into an inviting park space everyone could enjoy.
The City of Coquitlam acquired the land around 1985 and officially inaugurated Lafarge Lake Park in 1991.
Now, it serves as one of Coquitlam’s most cherished public spaces where residents can experience nature while remaining close to urban amenities.
After understanding its transformative journey from an industrial pit to a beloved local destination, you’ll surely find even more appreciation for all that Lafarge Lake offers today – which includes an array of recreational activities we’re about to explore next!

Recreational Activities Available

Amid the bustling city life, you’ll find tranquility as you paddleboard across the calm water, while the thrill-seekers can enjoy a lively game of basketball at the courts nearby.

The lake’s perimeter pathway is perfect for an invigorating jog or a leisurely stroll. If fishing is your thing, you’re in luck! Lafarge Lake is stocked with rainbow trout and sports enthusiasts can have a great time casting their lines from the accessible fishing pier.

And there’s more! The park also offers picnic tables where you could sit back, relax, and enjoy your lunch. While soccer fans will love kicking around a ball on one of many fields.

As dusk falls, be sure to stick around for an unforgettable display at Coquitlam’s Lights at Lafarge- it’s one of BC’s largest free outdoor light events!

But remember that amidst all this fun and activity, don’t forget to take some time out to appreciate nature – keep your eyes peeled for any feathered friends or critters who call this lake their home; they’ll be our next focus on our journey around Lafarge Lake Coquitlam.

Wildlife Around the Water

Don’t be surprised if you spot a variety of bird species fluttering around; this tranquil area is home to an impressive array of wildlife.

As you stroll around Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam, keep your eyes peeled for ducks, geese, and even the occasional heron. You might also catch sight of turtles sunning themselves on logs or fish darting through the clear water. There are also squirrels scampering about and rabbits hopping across the grassy areas. It’s a veritable natural haven right in the heart of urban Coquitlam.

The lake’s robust ecosystem not only makes it an ideal spot for wildlife spotting but also serves as a serene backdrop for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. However, remember to respect these creatures’ space – after all, we’re visiting their home!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into the rich wildlife surrounding Lafarge Lake, let’s dive into another fascinating aspect: the annual community events that bring locals together in celebration right by its picturesque shores.

Annual Community Events

You’d hardly believe this tranquil oasis doubles as a vibrant hub for annual community events, would you? But it’s true.

Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam is not only a picturesque nature spot; it also plays host to several festivities throughout the year that bring the local community together.

The most noteworthy event is the Lights at Lafarge Winter Light Display, which illuminates the park every winter with hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights.

Other popular gatherings include Canada Day celebrations, complete with fireworks over the lake, and various fun-filled summer concerts.

These events provide an exceptional way to get to know Coquitlam’s community spirit while enjoying the beautiful environment of Lafarge Lake.

Whether you’re participating in activities or spectating from a cozy blanket on the grassy banks, these occasions are sure to leave lasting memories.

Now that you have an idea about what makes this place so special, let us prepare you for your visit by sharing some insider tips about making your experience at Lafarge Lake truly unforgettable.

Tips for Visitors

So, you’re planning a trip to our beloved oasis? Here’s how to make the most of your visit.

First and foremost, remember that Lafarge Lake is busiest in the summer months and during community events, so if you’re not one for crowds, try visiting early in the morning or on a weekday.

Dress comfortably and don’t forget sunscreen! It can get quite hot out there, especially during the middle of the day. Be sure to bring along some water bottles to stay hydrated throughout your visit.

While at Lafarge Lake Coquitlam, take advantage of all it has to offer.

Stroll around the lake; it’s a beautiful 1.2-kilometre walk with plenty of benches for pit stops along the way.

If you’re into fishing, don’t miss out on trying your luck at catching rainbow trout – just check local regulations first!

For those who prefer more active pursuits, rent a paddleboard or kayak from one of the nearby vendors and explore the lake from a new perspective!

Lastly, pack a picnic lunch; there are several picnic areas available for use. But remember – leave no trace behind: whatever you bring in with you should go back out with you as well.


Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam holds a captivating charm, offering countless colorful community activities.

With its rich history and abundant wildlife, it’s sure to steal your heart.

So pack up your picnic basket, put on your walking shoes and visit this vibrant venue.

Whether you’re a wildlife watcher or an event enthusiast, Lafarge Lake guarantees great gratification for all guests.

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