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Everyone has a different metabolic predisposition and thus an individualized approach is best when deciding ideal diet and exercise regimens. Manhas Health Co. professionals work together to support you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Are you unhappy with where your health is?

Are you hesitant to exercise because you don’t know what would be your best option?

Are you confused about which diet would work best for you?

Or perhaps you are content with your health but would like to get into the best shape of your life?

With more diet and exercise options available than ever before, it has become increasingly confusing for people to know which information is trust worthy.

At Manhas Health Co, we have board certified physicians and naturopaths to guide you towards an individualized diet plan, physiotherapists and kinesiologist with a passion for exercise to help tailor a work out routine and even trained physician and technologists who offer a non-surgical fat loss and toning device. With this in mind, we have provided several different options for prospective clients to take advantage of.

Every person is at a different place in their life and accordingly has different goals for their health. Everyone has a different metabolic predisposition and thus an individualized approach is best when deciding ideal diet and exercise regimens. Manhas Health Co. professionals work together to support you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

We are the 1st clinic in British Columbia to have Evolve-X by Inmode, a revolutionary solution which helps with muscle toning, fat destruction and skin tightening.

Our exercise programs are held in our brand new, private facility which boasts top of the line equipment by Rogue Fitness.

Private Gym Facility- 2nd Floor at Manhas Health Co.

What separates our weight loss program from others?

Being a physician-run program, we have the unique ability to treat patients as a whole. Most weight loss programs on the market today focus on either exercise or dietary changes, but we are proud to offer both training and in depth dietary changes that lead to sustainable results. Our team of experts work closely with each patient to develop a tailored plan that meets their specific needs and goals. We can tailor both the diet and exercise component based on your current medications, medical background and exercise restrictions.

Anyone who has ever tried to diet knows that it is not simply a matter of willpower. There are powerful psychological factors at work that make it difficult to stick to healthy eating habits. Our physicians understand this, and they will work with you to help you overcome your cravings and make lasting lifestyle changes. You will learn about the science behind why you crave certain foods, and you will be given strategies to help you make better food choices.

Thanks to our focus on diet, psychology and exercise, our patients are able to make lasting changes that improve their health and well being.

Weight Loss Coquitlam
Diet and metabolism lecture with Dr. Paul Manhas

Our approach to a sustainable weight loss diet

Conventional diet programs typically involve reducing calorie intake and increasing the number of calories burned. While this can be an effective strategy for weight loss, new research suggests that there may be more to the story. The new data helps to explain why some people tend to gain weight more easily than others, even when they are eating the same foods. The findings suggest that certain individuals may be more susceptible to weight gain due to their unique metabolism. As a result, these individuals may need to take a different approach to weight loss in order to see success.

At the beginning of our program you will take part in a metabolic lecture. During this lecture, we will explain the metabolic reasons for an inability to burn fat. We will also teach you how to turn your body into a fat burning machine. By the end of the lecture, you will understand what your body does with the food you ingest and how to make the most of your metabolism. The best part is, our dietary system is easy enough to follow and intended to be something you can continue for the rest of your life!

Our approach to the exercise component

Personalized training with one of our physicians

We understand that it can be difficult to find time to work out. That’s why we offer early morning and evening exercise sessions to help fit your busy schedule. Our circuit style fitness classes are designed to increase strength and endurance while maintaining proper form. Up to nine people can participate in each class and the workouts will incorporate new moves as you progress. Individual modifiers will be available to help you modify the exercises to meet your needs. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re looking for a new challenge, our classes will help you reach your goals.

At our 2nd floor gym, we pride ourselves on providing a top-tier training experience. Our state of the art facility is fully equipped with the latest in workout technology. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, faster, or more flexible, our gym has the tools and resources you need to reach your fitness goals. Our private setting also allows us to offer a more intimate and customized training experience.

Monitoring and feedback throughout

Once you have learned about your new diet and lifestyle, we will help you stay on track by supplying a tracking sheet. This sheet will help you document the calories ingested per meal and timing of the meal. Documenting your meals will help you stay accountable to yourself and limit overindulgence over time. Our physicians can also review the data if you aren’t progressing as hoped. Reviewing this data with our staff on a regular basis can help to monitor progress and achievements toward your goals. It can also help to identify any changes that may need to be made along the way. But most importantly, it will help to keep you accountable and motivated as you work to improve your health.

When Evolve-X can be considered

Inmode’s Evolve-X platform uses radio-frequency to melt fat cells and electrical muscle stimulation to build lean muscle. While this treatment can be useful for anyone, we believe it is best to target areas of stubborn fat. It’s why we recommended Evolve-X either with our diet and exercise program or immediately after. With Evolve-X, you can finally get the body you’ve always wanted.

Special discounts are available when Evolve-x is combined with MD Trim.


MD Trim Training

“When Dr Paul told me he was going to start a exercise and weight loss program called MD Trim I told him to count me in and I am glad I did.I had open heart surgery 6years ago needed to lose some weight and improve my overall fitness.I did have some concerns regarding working out with a heart condition and the medications I was on but Dr Paul was confident I could do this, and after 3 months of proper eating and exercise I am 60lbs lighter and my overall energy and fitness level is significantly better.This program with the help of Dr Paul and his staff has changed my relationship with food and exercise and is a Life style change I can continue. MD Trim works!👍”

“I have been a patient at Manhas medical since its inception and I started the MD trim program in February of 2022.

At age 67 I was waiting for a total knee replacement surgery and wanted to have the best possible outcome.

The MD trim  program has been awesome!!!  Working out three times a week (with Cole or Dr. Paul in a friendly motivating environment that is modified for your personal needs)  allows you to make consistent progress. It is great to know both the “why and how” of the exercises.  The progress you make is in turn reflected in your everyday life.  I am physically much stronger, have lowered my blood pressure and have further developed my leg and ankle muscles. I look forward to completing my post surgery physiotherapy at  Manhas Medical Clinic as well. I like the idea that I will have worked with the kinesiologist Cole both pre and post surgery.  MD trim is a great personalized and supervised program that is totally life changing, good fun and good for you!!!!”

– Beverly B

About the founder of our weight loss programs

Dr. Paul Manhas grew up in Coquitlam, British Columbia playing high level soccer and ice hockey. On the soccer field, he competed at a national level having represented team British Columbia in competition. He also had the opportunity to travel to England on 2 separate occasions to compete with and against English Premier League academy teams including Liverpool F.C. and Newcastle United F.C.  At the rink, he competed for Coquitlam Minor Hockey at the A1 level, elite spring hockey for Vancouver Venom and major midget with Vancouver North East of the BC Elite Hockey League.  Dr. Paul Manhas has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology and a medical residency degree with a focus in sports medicine from The University of Alabama. While in residency, he had the opportunity to work with division 1 NCAA football athletes one on one.  He is currently in the process of certifying as a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

His unique background has led to a lifelong passion for exercise and an intricate understanding of human metabolism and biomechanics.  MD Trim has been designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. 

If you’re interested in making a significant change please contact us by email at 

We now proudly offer Medicard, an affordable patient financing option. Fast approval times and very low interest with flexible terms!

Patient Testimonials

"My doctor recently moved to this clinic and I’m so happy that she did! The receptionists are great, the nurse is so caring and sweet, and the design of the office is relaxing and clean. And of course, Dr. Mackie is amazing."

Elizabeth Goldstone

"Dr. Gates Manhas is my primary care physician and she's the best doctor I've ever had. She is a compassionate listener and she always does a fantastic job of walking me through her thought process of a diagnosis, and always offers great advice and clear explanation of treatment options/testing. Can't recommend her enough!"

Katie De Sousa

"We’ve been patients of Dr. Amritpaul Manhas for almost 2 years. He’s so caring, what a rare thing is to find a doctor that listens. His colleagues are the exact same way. The clinic is big, well equipped, and everything works well. Manhas Medical has been my best medical experience since moving to Canada in 2014. I really appreciate you all and I’m grateful to have found you, Dr. Paul."

Daniela Torres

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