Botox: How Does It Work?


Botox can help to restore youthful, even-textured skin. As a prominent cosmetic solution, Botox has gained enormous popularity over the years. This is probably because it is such a significant advance in treatments that immediately smooths and relaxes the skin.

Most of the people who get Botox done are looking for a fast and safe way to reduce fine lines, frown lines, and forehead lines. These lines form due to a variety of reasons such as stress, excessive sun exposure, excess facial muscle movements, over-exfoliation, and weather changes. 

The Botox injections eliminate the reason for these lines and smooth out wrinkles to give you a more youthful appearance.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the targeted facial muscles. This relaxation prevents repetitive muscle contraction thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Depending on the area of the face, the correct amount of botulism toxin is injected through the skin. 

The toxin relaxes the muscles around the particular area for a period of time. The upper face is injected for crow’s feet, brow lines, and forehead lines, whereas the lower face is injected for the smile lines and parentheses around the mouth.

Is Botox Safe?

The botulism toxin used in Botox is an HPFB-approved product. There is absolutely no risk of allergic reactions as the toxin is made of purified proteins. Over the years, it has been injected into millions of patients, and there have been no reports of any side effects.

The toxin has been proved to be a safe and effective procedure for correcting superficial wrinkles and facial lines. With that in mind, this makes Botox one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments across the world. 

How Is Botox Performed?

If you are in search of Botox treatment, then you need to visit a qualified practitioner like Manhas Health. Botox and other similar products are injected with a fine needle into the targeted facial muscles.

The procedure is very simple, and patients can get away with little downtime. Generally, recovery is almost immediate, and you can resume your daily activities right away.

What to Avoid After Getting Botox

After the treatment, you need to avoid certain things so that you get the best results. The doctor will let you know everything, but you should avoid the following things:

  • Do not apply anything to the treated area for 24 hours such as makeup, sunscreen, moisturizers, etc;
  • Avoid getting the treated area wet such as from taking a shower and washing your face;
  • Avoid vigorous exercise and sweating for 72 hours;
  • Do not get Botox treatment and then fly. Give yourself at least 24 hours before flying;
  • Do not lean on your side or forward for at least four hours;
  • Try not to massage or rub your face, as this might push the deposits to other areas of your face;
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and taking painkillers; 

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox cannot stop the aging process, but it can delay and reverse the early signs of aging. On that note, the wrinkle-reducing effects of Botox last between three to four months.

The Bottom Line: The Surprising Wonders of Botox

Botox is safe, effective, and can be a wonderful addition to your anti-aging regimen. Over the years, it has helped millions of people in restoring youthful skin. If you are thinking of Botox treatment, then get in touch with the team at Manhas Health.

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