Laser hair removal is a safe method to remove unwanted hair from your body. The laser targets the hair follicle and destroys it, preventing future growth. This treatment can be used on various parts of the body, including the chest, back, bikini area, and legs.

That said, it is important to remember a few helpful tips that will tend to your skin after going through the hair removal process. Below are just a few examples.

1. Avoid Sun Exposure

The method is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. However, taking care of your skin after the treatment is important. This means avoiding exposure to the sun as much as possible and using sunscreen when you go outside. You should also avoid sunbathing for two weeks to allow your skin to heal.

2. Avoid Topical Beauty Products

Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it is important to take some precautions after the treatment. Your skin will be very sensitive after the laser treatment, so you should avoid using any topical beauty products for at least 24 hours. These products can irritate your skin and make the healing process more difficult. Be sure to drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest in order to speed up the healing process.

3. Exfoliate the Area

The process destroys hair follicles and causes them to fall out. To prepare your skin for the next treatment, it is important to exfoliate it weekly. This will help to remove any dead skin cells and speed up the shedding process.

The thing is, it’s common for your skin to feel sensitive after a laser hair removal treatment. This is usually because the laser energy has caused your hair follicles to swell. To help reduce any discomfort, we recommend that you:

4. Skip Other Hair Removal Methods

After laser hair removal, it is important to protect your skin from further damage. To do this, avoid other methods of hair removal, such as waxing or plucking. These methods can cause skin irritation and even scarring. Instead, shave within 24 hours of treatment to minimize the risk of any adverse effects on your skin.

5. Take Cool Showers

After you get laser treatment, it’s a good idea to take cool showers instead of hot showers. Hot water can burn and blister your skin. You should avoid taking hot showers for 48 hours after getting the treatment. You should also avoid using hot tubs, saunas, and heating pads. They can cause redness and irritation to your skin.

It is also important to keep the treated area clean and dry for the first few days after treatment to avoid any possible occurrence of infection.


Caring for your skin after laser hair removal is essential to preventing post-treatment complications. Make sure to follow the instructions your doctor or laser technician gave you, and be sure to apply sunscreen and wear a hat when outdoors to help prevent sunburn. Additionally, be sure to avoid rubbing the treated area too harshly, using harsh soaps or products, or exposure to harsh sunlight or wind.

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