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Treatment from a board-certified practicing physician allows peace of mind in ensuring a potentially harmful skin or soft tissue condition is professionally dealt with.

Medical Aesthetics is often mistaken to be a superficial field – one in which patients are concerned about their physical looks, rather than their health. Self-confidence is an important part of health and wellbeing. At Manhas Health Co, our Aesthetics team works hard to help our clients feel confident in their skin and body. Through our Aesthetics treatments, we support our clients’ journeys as they navigate their goals for skincare and wellbeing. Acne, for example, can be a roadblock for self-confidence and happiness, and can have a significant impact on mental health. Through consultation, we assess our patients’ skin concerns, educate about the treatment options available, and assist them in their skin recovery. In our Aesthetics practice we believe every client’s journey is unique, and every client deserves an individualized skin treatment plan. 

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The physicians, laser technicians and aestheticians at MD Aesthetics are focused on one common goal; restoring your natural beauty. Treatment from a board-certified practicing physician allows peace of mind in ensuring a potentially harmful skin or soft tissue condition is professionally dealt with. 

With Botox & fillers, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Evolve is an innovative hands-free solution that maximizes patient results and provides the highest quality of aesthetic treatments available. 

With face sculpting, you can decrease skin laxity and improve muscle tone.

DiolazeXL laser hair removal impacts the root of the problem, rather than offering a temporary solution.

With Morpheus8, you can stimulate collagen production, allowing treatment of scars, acne, loose skin and deep wrinkles.

PRP injections act on stem cells in the area of the follicles, stimulating the development of new follicles and promoting neovascularization. 

With Lumecca, you can reduce unwanted red or dark spots.

With Plus90, you can improve urinary incontinence and sexual health.

With chemical peels, you can improve your skin’s texture and appearance.

With dermaplaning, you can remove unwanted hair and improve skin texture.

Patient Testimonials

"My doctor recently moved to this clinic and I’m so happy that she did! The receptionists are great, the nurse is so caring and sweet, and the design of the office is relaxing and clean. And of course, Dr. Mackie is amazing."

Elizabeth Goldstone

"Dr. Gates Manhas is my primary care physician and she's the best doctor I've ever had. She is a compassionate listener and she always does a fantastic job of walking me through her thought process of a diagnosis, and always offers great advice and clear explanation of treatment options/testing. Can't recommend her enough!"

Katie De Sousa

"We’ve been patients of Dr. Amritpaul Manhas for almost 2 years. He’s so caring, what a rare thing is to find a doctor that listens. His colleagues are the exact same way. The clinic is big, well equipped, and everything works well. Manhas Medical has been my best medical experience since moving to Canada in 2014. I really appreciate you all and I’m grateful to have found you, Dr. Paul."

Daniela Torres

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